Vi provide complete solutions for digital meetings and events

Digital Meetings

We deliver complete solutions for digital meetings and events. That can be a webinar or a digital seminar, livestream, video conference, virtual conference or a virtual exhibition. With a platform for streaming and interactivity you can easily reach out and engage your participants and even stream directly to teams or zoom. We have fully equipped studios with all technical equipment that is needed to make a stream or live broadcast and we have mobile studio solutions which give us the possibility to stream your event from any location you choose.

At Edge, you will get a project manager that coordinates all the moving parts that is needed to make a successful digital event. We will be with you all the way from idea through planning and execution. We will be your sounding board and use our long experience of digital event to take your project to the next level.
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Our services in digital meetings

Here we have collected some of the services and solutions we offer in digital meetings. Can't find what you hare looking for? Contact us for more information.


We have a long experience of live broadcasts and streaming. We have all technical equipment and personnel that is needed to live stream a conference, lecture, congress or concert. We use many different streaming platforms depending on what suits the project best, to name a few we use Dacast, Wowza och Vimeo. What platform we choose for your project will depend among other things on what level of security is needed and whether or not the stream is to be used together with some form of interactivity. If you are not sure about what platform will suit your project best, our experienced project managers will help you find the perfect fit.

Platforms for streaming and interactivity

Besides the platforms mentioned above we also use multiple platforms for interactivity. These will be used when you want your participants to network with each other, send questions to the studio, do polls, vote or participate in digital breakout sessions.

We have a close partnership with Swedish platform provider Twebcast and can together with them offer a platform solution with both streaming and interactivity at the same place. With this platform you will have full control over the stream and interactivity from one place and your participants only need to log on to one place. Read more about the platform here.

We also have a long experience of working with Pixilab Moments and Mentimeter who also are excellent tools for interactivity for both digital and live events. Contact us and let us help you find the right platform for your event.


If you don't need to live broadcast your event, we can just as easily record it and stream it at a later time. We can deliver the recorded raw-material directly to you or we can help you with both editing and broadcast or stream. Pre-recording can be a very effective alternative as it provides the possibility to do retakes and editing before the actual broadcast. Pre-recording also gives you much more flexibility with dates and times for your recording and you will find it much easier to find a free studio.

Live on tape

Another alternative to live broadcast and livestreaming is live-on-tape. This means that you pre-record your show and then stream it later time as it were actually live. Your participants get the same experience as it were actually live but you get all the benefits of a pre-recording with retakes, editing and flexibility in recording dates.

Live on tape can easily be combined with interactivity tools that is actually live but not dependent of venues and personnel as a live broadcast would be.

If you have a bigger event with one main stream and multiple parallel streams like breakout sessions, one solution would be to do a combination of live and live on tape. Rather then setting up multiple studios and do multiple live streams at the same time, we would pre-record some of the material and then send it parallel to the actual live stream.

Studios for recording

As a part of our services for digital meetings we have built multiple studios around Stockholm for different types of streaming and recordings. We have both smaller studios for fast and cost effective recordings of interviews and webinars as well as bigger studios for big projects. All our studios are fully equipped with all the technical equipment and personnel that is needed to do professional recordings and broadcasts.

Would you rather prefer do stream from your own facility or any other external place? With our mobile studio solutions we come to you and setup a technical solution for streaming and broadcast.
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Remote speakers

In most digital meetings we have speakers that connect remotely. We usually work with tools like Teams, Zoom or Skype but our systems are also compatible with other platforms. Our experienced technicians make sure that your external speakers are connected to your meeting well before their due to speak.

Hybrid events

When you combine a physical meeting with participants online, we usually call it a hybrid meeting or hybrid event. It can be a studio broadcast with 20 people in the studio and thousands participating online, or 500 people in the studio and 20 people online. At Quality Hotel Friends we have or own Strawberry Fields Studio which fits perfectly for hybrid events. Here we have a large studio room with the ability to seat up to 800 people in the same room.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition As a part of our offering for digital meetings we can also provide solutions for virtual or digital exhibitions. In its simplest form you let your exhibitors create virtual stands in the form of webpages inside or platform and let your participants navigate through stands, explore products and interact with the exhibitors through video or chat.

If you want to take it to the next level we can create interactive 3d-models of both the exhibition hall and the stands to give your fair or trade show participants a completely unique experience.

In both cases our platform provides a secure registration and complete statistics for your exhibitors.

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