Our platform handles both streaming and interactivity

Platform for your digital event

When you talk about platforms for digital meetings you usually talk about platforms for streaming and platforms for interactivity. A platform for streaming is a software or service that makes your camera or video source accessible for others to view online. A platform for interactivity is a platform where your participants can interact with each other and whatever happens in the stream. Often you want both parts and that is why we have developed a combined platform that handles both streaming and interactivity.

EDGE Digital Platform - The best of both worlds

Together with Twebcast we can offer a platform that has both streaming and interactivity in the same place. You choose if your participant is to attend anonymously or through a registration form where you choose your own mandatory fields. Well inside the platform your participants navigate through a digital event that we create together with you from the platform control panel.
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Features in our digital platform:

Navigation and participant control

As a unique feature in or platform we offer live control of the information sent to your participants. The event flow is built around a timeline where you either let your participants navigate freely or you can control exactly when you want to show a specific content.

As an example you can publish questions and polls during a livestream or choose to open and close different parts of your event at specific times.


The platform can easily be branded to match your company profile and brand with fonts, colors and images. Our skilled programmers and graphic artists will help you give your event exactly the look and feel that represents your brand.

Login & Registration

Login and registration to the platform can be done in multiple ways. If you want your participants to attend anonymously an email will be sent to the events landing page. If you want more security you can let your participants register with name and email. If you need even more information from your participants you can add any number of mandatory fields to the registration form.

Landing page with custom menu

When your participants login to your digital event they will land on a start page or landing page. Here you can add a welcome message or a menu that lets your participant navigate further in your event.


Under agenda you publish a schedule or timeline of everything that happens during your event so your participants easily can access the parts that interest them the most.

Main stage with streaming

Main stage is the center of your event. This is where we show your stream or broadcast. The broadcast can be live from one of our studios or from a mobile studio set up at your offices. It can also be a pre-recorded show that we broadcast exactly the time that your digital event starts.


Engage your audience with our tools for interactivity. Let your participants send questions to the studio, vote, create wordclouds or send in pictures. The results can be published directly in the platform, in the stream or why not on the moderators ipad in the studio?

Networking and chat

There is a built-in chat feature in the platform that allow the participants to communicate with each other or to receive messages directly from you or your team. There is also a feature that allows the participants to attend video meetings and share their screen or keynotes with each other.

Digital breakout tracks

If you want to split up your broadcast to different groups, this can easily be done using breakout tracks. Each breakout track features its own live stream and interactivity. You can also brand your breakout tracks in different styles using fonts, colors and images.

Virtual Exhibition

With our virtual expo feature you can easily create a virtual fair were every exhibitor get their own digital stand with their own stream, interactivity and branding.

Export data & Statistics

After the event you will get access to detailed data and statistics exported as an excel-file.