Broadcast directly from our studios or your offices

Record in our studios or in the field with our mobile solutions

We have fully equipped studios ready to stream your event and mobile solutions to broadcast from any location. At Edge, you choose what's best for your project. Either you broadcast directly from our studios or we set up a mobile studio in your office or facilities.
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Our permanent studios

In our permanent studios we have everything that you need to make a live broadcast, stream or recording, all set up and ready when you arrive. We have put together all the technical equipment and personnel that is required to operate the studio and our project managers will help you get the most out of your time with us. We have studios at different locations to match all types of projects.

Mobile solutions and recordings in the field

If you already have booked a venue for your event, or if our permanent studios are not a good fit for you, we can also set up a streaming studio at your location. Regardless if we are to broadcast from an office space abroad or a venue in Sweden.

Our roots in traditional event production has given us long experience of setting up solutions in different locations and in different conditions. Our project managers will put together a solution that delivers your message to your audience with exactly the tone and form you want to communicate.

If you want help framing your broadcast with decor, print, custom-made carpentry props or furniture we can of course help you out. We will make your brand shine in digital channels.

Our project managers for mobile solutions

Contact our project managers for mobile solutions and digital meetings and let them tell you how we can help you with your project.
Jesper Webeklint
Andreas Bonnevier