Strawberry Fields Studio

Strawberry Fields Studio One is our most flexible studio for streaming, recordings and hybrid events

Strawberry Fields Studio Ett at Quality Hotel Friends

At Quality Hotel Friends right next to Westfield Mall of Scandinavia and Friends you fill find Strawberry Fields Studios. Two fully equipped studios for video recording, live streaming and digital events.

Studio one is our largest studio with three different areas. One presentation area with a big high resolution led-screen, one panel area for discussion in front of a digital background and a live stage for entertainment and artist. The studio room is aprox. 600 sqm and have a clearance of 8m which gives you unique opportunities for digital exhibitions and product demos.

Presentation area

In the middle of the studio we have a presentation area with a big high res led-screen for keynotes and digital content. This is a perfect place to host your powerpoints/keynotes, videos or remote speakers. The screen is controlled by a state of the art Watch-Out mediaserver which makes it possible to display multiple sources at the same time on the screens. In front of the screen there is a large stage with plenty of room for multiple guests and a custom made studio table for standing dialogues.

Panel discussion area

To the right we have a panel discussion area, perfect for seated discussions. Your guest will rest comfortably in a lounge set with six GAP designer chairs around two custom made coffee tables in dark wood and black glass.

Behind the furniture there is a digital wall built from the same high resolution led wall as the presentation area, perfect for showing digital backgrounds or videos. Three of the five wooden pillars can also be removed to get an even bigger screen behind the panel. Why not let your digital material flow between the presentation area to the panel and back?

Live stage

To the left we have a huge live stage ready for artists and entertainment. The stage is fitted with over 50 moving lights that can create spectacular light shows and effects. Our skilled sound and light technicians all have a long experience of live music and broadcasted concerts.


Studio one has a large number of light fixtures with rgb-colors that can easily be set to your brand colors. The multiple screens give you even more options to digitally brand the studio with backgrounds and videos.

Hybrid events

The studio room have plenty of room for both participants, crew and studio audience. The studio is built in a very flexible event venue with removable walls that can easily be opened to host as many as 800 people in the same room as the studio.

Green Room and lounge for your guests

Right next to Studio One we have a 300sqm big lounge with make-up stations and green room for your speakers. We also have seating areas with sofas and tv-screens showing the current live broadcast from the studio. We also have workstations where your guests can get some work done before their time in the show. Together with Quality Hotel we also have a unique studio feature to be able to offer food and beverage services and other hotel accommodations. We think this is one of the best features with Strawberry Field Studios.

Booking and demo of the studio

Do you have a project that you would like to book Strawberry Fields Studio one for? Contact us to book the studio or to book a demo.
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Video from our studio demo

Pictures from the studio

Strawberry fields studio Presentationsyta
The presentation area with a high res led-screen and the panel discussion area with its digital background. All furniture on the pictures are included when renting the studio
Strawberry fields studio Presentationsyta framifrån
Front view of the presentation area
Strawberry fields studio Paneldiskussionsytan framifrån
Front view of the panel discussion area
Strawberry fields studio Livescen
The live stage packed with moving lights. 30 x Ayrton MagicPanels ready for pixelmapping
Strawberry fields studio Presentationsytan och paneldiskussionsytan
The presentation and panel discussion areas with red lights and video content on led screen and digital background. The lights in the studio are easily adjustable to suit your brand colors.
Strawberry fields studio Paneldiskussionsytan med vitt ljus
The panel discussion area with white lights and video content
Strawberry fields studio Presentationsytan i grönt
The presentation area in green and with a powerpoint presentation on the led screen
Strawberry fields studio moderator på presentationsytan
Interaction between a moderator in the presentation area and a rpw of experts in the panel discussion area
Strawberry fields studio Paneldebatt i paneldiskussusionsytan
Panel discussion