Strawberry Fields Studio Flex

Studio Flex is our most flexible studio

Studio Flex Infra City

In the exhibition hall at Scandic Infra City we have installed a modern and flexible studio for digital, hybrid and live events. The studio includes a complete technical setup and staff for professional broadcasts, streams, recordings and meetings.

21m wide video panorama and RBG-lights

The studio design is made from three custom built walls with built-in screens that together makes a 21m wide panorama with over 50 sqm screen for displaying presentations, movies and digital backgrounds.

The studio lighting is completely dynamic and consists of moving lights and 400m LED-lists that frame stage decks, walls and furniture. All lights can easily be programmed in different colors to create a look and feel that fits your brand.

Stage decks on wheels for quick change over

The studio has two oval stage decks on wheels that easily can be moved around to create different setups and looks. The smaller podium has a studio desk for for standing dialogues and the larger one has six chairs and two coffee tables for seated dialogues.

All stage decks have a high gloss black carpet that create a real high-end TV-Studio feel.

Media pillar

To add even more dynamic to the studio we have produced a new media pillar that can be booked as a add-on to the studio. The pillar has two built in 85inch tv-screens and is perfect for satellite spots in the program or to speak with guests connecting remotely with almost a holographic feel.

Live, Hybrid or Digital

To include any guests or audience in the studio, the whole studio is built on a raised floor. To further accommodate a live audience in the studio, please see our add add-on packages with sound and video for hybrid events,

Studio Flex is built in a venue of 3300sqm with big loading bays, a roof clearance of 6m and plenty of space all around the studio. The layout of the venue is perfect for bringing in cars in the studio and setting up exhibitions and breakouts.

Booking and demo of the studio

Do you have a project that you would like to book Strawberry Fields Studio Flex for? Contact us to book the studio or to book a demo.
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Demo movie from the studio

Photos from the studio

Studio Flex Framifrån
Studio Flex is our most flexible studio with two big stage decks on wheels that can easily be moved around to create different looks.
We also have a custom built media pillar for satellite spots on the studio floor.
Studio Flex i neon look
The media pillar also works perfekt for conneting remote speakers to the studio with a almost holograpgic feel.
Dynamsik Ljussättning
With a dynamic light rigg and three massive video screens the studio can easily be changed from one scenery to another. To create an even more unique look, rent furniture or decor from our rental warehouse!
Dialog vid presentationsyta
Standing dialogue at our custom built studio table.
Sex fåtäljer och två cafebord
Two the right in the studio there is a larger stage deck that comes furnished with six lounge chairs and two café tables.
All of our three 7m wide screens works perfect for presentations and keynotes.
Award look
The look and feel of the studio can easily be changed with different light cues and video content. This is how an award could look!